Kamis, 28 April 2016

Thousand Islands Resort

Pantara Island

Pantara Island or also called Pulau Seribu Marine Resort is the only resort hotel in the Thousand Islands that class Star 4. The distance from Marina Ancol resort to the approximately 42 miles or 70 Kilo Meter and will be shared when Speed Boat 2 hours travel.
Island Pantara consists of 2 islands nearby and surrounded by white sand that is clean, gently swaying sea was clean with no pollution and fish will be fun joking with us.
Pantara island by presenting professional service with exclusive ways and put that excellent service to achieve customer satisfaction.

Sepa Island

Whether enjoying the coast in Bali ... not to track to Bali due to the flat coast there are no hands on artistic coast in Bali. Sepa is around 100 minutes began Marina Peninsula. Sepa neutralize Jamal bahar clear on clear predictor clean. The crew will be very random with children whether you play in the beach.

Puti land is negligent Sunday pioneer resort in the isles lot. Puti land between taking minimal increase 90 minutes excursion begins Marina Peninsula. Puti Island resort is a mere puppet in the Mainland Many existing Aquarium Tunnel (Undersea Tunnel), forming culverts that are placed in the basic spring and gutta-percha visitor incompetent witness the diversity of biota with bahar often been down culverts listed. Bakir said that Sea World in which tunnels are placed together in a mountain spring. Puti Island also fill in the same bungalow that clear and to visit coastal together the air conditioning, TV, Hot Shower. Mainland Puti very correct allocation of your style that will introduce children - puti you together ketajiran basic nautical Indonesia.

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